Exam Success!

We had amazing exam results from your June and July IDTA/RAD Exams! Everyone who took a Rosette passed and we received a huge 13 Theatre Award Nominations!

Amelia Statham: Theatre Craft Grade and Tap Grades

Chloe Radford: Theatre Craft Grades

Eleanor Adams: Theatre Craft Grades

Elsa Vaccari: Ballet Performers

Emily Gardiner: Tap Performers

Kira Patt: Theatre Craft Grades

Lily Smith: Theatre Craft Grades

Mia Ryder: Theatre Craft Grades

Orla Grady: Ballet Grades

Robert Smith: Tap Grades and Theatre Craft Grades

Thomas Matthews: Tap Performers

Performers IDTA Success:

Intermediate Tap:

Bethan Radford

Niamh Fretwell Walsh

Intermediate Ballet:

Sophie Xu Tang

Vicky Xu Tang

Advanced 1 Tap:

Emily Gardiner

Patti Kirton

Thomas Matthews

Advanced 1 Ballet:

Charlotte Matthews

Elsa Vaccari


RAD Success:

Intermediate Foundation:

Asha Dusara

Carlotta Marzan

Evie McGrath

Sophie Barnett


Lily Payne

Advanced 1:

Niamh Fretwell Walsh

Advanced 2:

Thomas Matthews