Well done to everyone who took part in Deva Stage Festival over the past two weekends! You all danced brilliantly. Congratulations to Chloe for competing in Miss Dance for the first time! Also congratulations to our trophy winners:

  • Keira: Baby Song and Dance and Highest mark baby
  • Paige: Senior Novice Cabaret
  • Chloe: Festival Champion Runner Up

Congratulations to Casey and Isabelle for dancing brilliantly in the IDTA Theatre Awards Tap Grades and Ballet Grades classes!

Well Done to everyone who took an exam in our November/December Exams, we are so proud of all the results and everyone who took a Rosette exam passed.

Congratulations to Casey Martin who has been nominated for the IDTA Theatre Awards 2020 for is Grade 4 Tap Exam!

IDTA Vocational Exam Success

Intermediate Ballet

  • Asha Dusara
  • Freya Mohindra
  • Rose Morris

Intermediate Tap

Chloe Radford

Intermediate Theatre Craft

Chloe Radford