For Vocational examination success:

Intermediate Modern Jazz: Jessica Glibert (HC), Jennifer Lynch (HC), Natalie Brown (HC), Elizabeth Kirton (HC), Emily Peach (HC), Bethan Harrop (H) and Samuel Fairbrother (H)

Advanced 1 Modern Jazz: Bethany Slater (HC) and Sophie Robinson (H) Advanced 1 Ballet: Megan Charles (C), Elizabeth Kirton (HC) and Jennifer Lynch (H)

Advanced 2 Ballet: Sally Jones (HC), Alex Ford (H), Sophie Robinson (H) and Bethany Slater (H)

RAD Vocational Success:

Intermediate Foundation: V West (P), E Drainey (P), R Leach (M), E Cronshaw (M) and G Sandham (M)

Intermediate: Anna Keevil (D), Emily Peach (M) and Jasmine McGovern (M) Advanced 1: Bethany Slater (M) and Sophie Robinson (M)

Professional Examination Success:

Pre Associate 1 Ballet: Natalie Brown (HC), Jennifer Lynch (HC), Alex Ford (H) and Emily Peach (H)

Associate Ballet: Sophie Robinson (H) Anatomy Diploma: Natalie Davidson

Also congratulations to:

Darcey Ferguson, Emily Peach, Sophie Robinson, Bethany Slater, Samuel Fairbrother and Bethan Harrop on receiving nominations for the IDTA Theatre Awards 2011.

Special Congratulations to:

Emma Tomson on winning the North West of England Junior Ballet Championship and the Theatre Council International Junior Ballet Scholarship and a cheque for £250!