Examination progression

Rosette Ballet 1

Rosette Theatre Craft 1

Preparatory Ballet *

Rosette Tap 1

Preparatory Tap *

Rosette Ballet 2

Juvenile Ballet **

Rosette Theatre Craft 2

Primary Ballet *

Rosette Tap 2

Primary Tap *

Rosette Modern 1

Preliminary Ballet *

Rosette Modern 2

Grade 1 Ballet *

Grade 1 Tap *

The Ballet and Tap grades progress through to grade 5. From Grade 1 Ballet the students also study Modern Jazz or Theatre Craft Examinations each year.

Senior students study for both the IDTA and RAD vocational Ballet Examinations

IDTA  Modern Jazz Tap and Theatre Craft examinations

Indicates Grades that require coaching lessons in preparation for this level

** After successfully taking this examination children commence Junior Dance Exercise (a preparation for Jazz class)


The above is a guide for parents, changes may occur at the discretion of teachers.